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Q.  How do I do math textbooks in Duxbury?

A.  After some experimentation and a quick call to Duxbury, I can offer what appears to be the simplest way to do math (with the caveat that, although doable, it's still going to be a good bit of work). In order to produce texts as described below, you will need the following:


  1. Work a chapter at a time
  2. Scan your text and run the OCR program.
  3. The OCR process is probably going to strip out most of the mathematical notation—that’s okay, you’re going to retype the equations in later.
  4. Edit your OCR document, but ignore the math for now.
  5. Do not bother with applying styles in Word, as you would when preparing other documents for Duxbury (Scientific Notebook will not recognize them).
  6. Copy the chapter that you have in Word, open Scientific Notebook, and paste the chapter into a new document.
  7. Use the math insert function and the equation builder capabilities to enter your math equations into the text wherever necessary.
  8. Also insert the inkprint-book page number on its own line (hard return before and after) preceded by three ampersands (e.g., &&&1, &&&2,…) right before the first word on a page.
  9. Save the document as a Scientific Notebook document in the DBTdocs folder on the C: drive.
  10. Open Duxbury and choose New from the File menu.
  11. Browse to the DBTdocs folder, find your Scientific Notebook file, and open it. (Duxbury brings the file in as TeX or LaTeX.)
  12. In Duxbury, you will need to apply styles to the headings, lists, etc. (To apply a style, press F8 then choose the style from the list and select OK.)
  13. Now the reason for the ampersands…Select coded view by going to View > Codes (or pressing Alt+F3). Select the replace window, Edit > Replace on the menu bar (or press F6). In the “Text to find:” box, enter &&&. In the “Replace with:” box, enter CTRL+[. After the little red brackets appear, type in the letters “lea.” Choose OK and replace all. The [lea] code will tell Duxbury that what follows is a print page number.
  14. You’re ready to emboss!