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Q. How do I add page numbers to e-text documents?

A. A lot of publishers are sending e-text without the page numbers, which is a problem. It’s a bit time consuming, but you can use search and replace to add the page numbers yourself.

Search for the last few words of one page (last words) and the first few of the next page (next words). It’s a good idea to copy and paste this text into your find and replace window so that you have it exactly correct.

Replace with the following string:

(last words)^p(page number)^p(next words)

The ^p will enter returns.

This method puts the page number on its own line.

If you learned the method in my Duxbury class to insert the proper codes for the print page number, you would use &&& (three ampersands) before the page number so that you can later search for them in Duxbury and enter the lea code.