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Q.  How do I add a termination sign (dot 6, dot 3) to the beginning and end of the note style. 

A.  Go ahead and try this one.

  1. Create a new blank document in DBT WIN 10.3
  2. ALT+D to open the document menu
  3. "A" to ADD STYLE
  4. on the left side of the screen where it says "Choose Style for Basis:" choose "note."
  5. uncheck the "STYLE CAN BE NESTED WITHIN ANOTHER STYLE" checkbox
  6. Click "OK" or press ENTER
  7. press the END KEY or right arrow to the end of BEGINNING CODES: (note you will be adding the [q~,'] after the [tab7] code already there)
  8. CONTROL+[ to open the code brackets
  9. type q~,'
  10. press the TAB key to go to the start of the ENDING CODES:
  11. CONTROL+[ to open the code brackets
  12. type q~,'
  13. Click "OK" or press ENTER

Now you will need to add this style to your template.

  1. ALT+D to open the document menu
  2. "C" to create TEMPLATE
  3. Click on the TEMPLATE you wish to add this to. Note: Templates show up in alphabetic order so I created a TEXTBOOK template but named it "BANA Textbook template".  This way it is the first one when I create a new file or open a non Duxbury document.
  4. Click "OK" or press ENTER