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BrailleNote BT 32

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The High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) has purchased 12 BrailleNote BT note takers. This equipment is available for loan for one academic year to qualified blind students with knowledge of Braille. Each student is expected to be a Braille user who is taking academic classes at a California community college.

The HTCTU will provide an initial training in the use of this equipment for high tech specialists whose students are selected to receive these devices.

Distribution of the equipment will be determined by HTCTU staff and members of the HTCTU Advisory Committee.

Picture of BrailleNote BT 32 device. 

About the Device:

The BrailleNote is a Windows CE device and provides the following functions for the user:

For more information regarding the BrailleNote:


Who Can Nominate Student Candidates?

High tech center specialists and program directors can recommend students. The ability to provide appropriate instruction to support students will be an important consideration. The instructors will be teaching the students how to use the device; knowledge of Braille is not a necessary requirement, although an instructor's knowledge of Braille would be useful for the student.

Characteristics of Eligible Students

Two different student profiles, reflecting different ability levels, follow:

Student 1

Someone who needs a note taker for quick and easy access in the classroom or lab would do well with the BrailleNote. This student would not need to know much about computers or technology in general but needs note taking as a first line of access. The student would need to know Braille and understand how to use a screen reader. The student also should have basic technological aptitude and willingness to learn to use the equipment.

Student 2

A student who is proficient in screen reader use, proficient in grade I and II Braille and who knows some computer Braille would benefit from the BrailleNote. This student would be comfortable with PCs and mainstream applications and may need access to some of these applications like MS Word, WordPerfect and others. Such a student may also need access to POP3 email, as well as the ability to synchronize with PC applications and attachments.

Thank you for your interest!

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