Draft High Tech Center Training Unit Advisory Committee Minutes

May 10th, 2002


The meeting began with a discussion on the progress of the Distributed Scanning Network.  The size, distribution and equipment configuration of DSN was reviewed with the advisory committee.  Timelines for equipment acquisition, training, set up and start up were reviewed.


Math ML, the Tiger embosser and the ongoing work of Professor John Gardner at the University of Oregon were reviewed.  The advisory committee agreed that new approaches to providing access to symbol sets used in math, science and engineering would be a great benefit to students who are blind.  The HTCTU will closely monitor the development of this new technology.


Progress on the project taking place at Folsom state prison was reviewed.  An inventory of equipment, production capabilities and workflow processes were discussed.


Carl Brown shared with the advisory committee the High Tech Center Training Unit plan for updating computers in the training lab and remodeling the reception area.


Sean Keegan, the HTCTU Web accessibility trainer, provided an overview of the development of the AMX database including plans to allow CPC and Rapid Text as well as other captioning services to upload their titles directly to the AMX database.  Sean reviewed the work he has done to date with the CVC sites around the state and other issues related to Web accessibility.  Sean also shared with the advisory committee some of the ongoing statewide issues concerning accessibility and the use of Web CT, Blackboard and Etudes. Laurie Vasquez announced that she would be the DSP&S representative to DTAC.


Gaeir Dietrich, the HTCTU Alternate Media Trainer, discussed the status of the BrailleNote noting that all 12 available systems were on loan at 9 community college campus sites.  She also indicated that the demand for BrailleNote systems had exceeded the supply.  Gaeir discussed the capabilities of the Tiger embosser on loan to the High Tech Center Training Unit.  Several upcoming alternate media trainings were also discussed.


As a representative from the ATPC advisory committee, Gaeir Dietrich indicated that she was cautiously optimistic about the development of the program.  Other members of the HTCTU advisory committee expressed a variety of concerns about the ATPC concerning data collection, communication, production and interaction with the California community colleges.


Carl Brown indicated that the interviews for the new Assistive Computer Technology Trainer would began on May 30th.


Carl Brown discussed with the advisory committee some of the findings from the law firm engaged by the HTCTU to provide a legal opinion regarding copyright and fair use of captioned videos.  The advisory committee was informed that the law firm's original finding had been forwarded to the Chancellor's office for review by Ralph Black prior to dissemination to community colleges statewide.  A general discussion of fair use policies took place.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM and a date of October 4th, 2002 was established for the next meeting of the High Tech Center Training Unit Advisory Committee.