DVD Captioning with Adobe Encore at AHEAD 2007

DVD Captioning with Encore

Captioning Overview

Captioning Laws

Captioning Laws cont.

Legal Issues

Who owns this thing??

Some Definitions

Captions vs. Subtitles: VHS

Captions vs. Subtitles: DVD



Smart Classrooms

Captioning DVDs

Overview of DVD Captioning

Basic Process for DVD

Creating Captions In-house

Captioning with Adobe Encore

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0

DVD Workflow

Encore Interface

Encore Interface

Monitor & Asset View

Encore Interface: Assets

Encore Interface: Properties

Encore Interface: Timeline

Library & Styles

Video File Formats

Audio File Formats

Image Formats

Line 21 Captions vs Subtitles

Line 21 How-to

Subtitle Considerations

Image-Based Subtitles

Sample Image Script

Sample FAB Image Script

Text-Based Subtitles

Subtitle Format

Import Subtitles Interface

MOVIE: Captions and Subtitles

Menu How-to

MOVIE: Chapter Points

MOVIE: Menu Buttons

MOVIE: Subtitle Buttons


MOVIE: Flowchart

Check the Project

Check Project Settings

MOVIE: Set End Action

MOVIE: From the beginning

In conclusion

Who uses captions the most?

Who benefits from captions?

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