Creating Accessible Math with MathType and MathPlayer

Sean Keegan

Web Accessibility Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit for the California Community Colleges


Math and Access Challenges

WinTriangle is a software application that is designed to be a "rich-text editor" for math and scientific notation and allows a user to enter and read mathematical equations. While it does show promise, it is still in early development and I am not considering it mainstream assistive computer technology (yet).


Converting to Alternate Formats

Creating Web Pages

Sample Workflow

The web page will be exported with a .xht extension. This extension may not be recognized on your local computer by Internet Explorer and may only open with a Mozilla/Netscape browser provided you have the appropriate math fonts installed. However, if you upload the file to the server, then it should render correctly in Internet Explorer provided the .xht extension is a recognized MIME-type for your web server. For information on configuring the server check out: This generally requires adding the .xht extension to the recognized MIME-types for the server.

If you will be serving up a number of websites with math content, you may wish to review Design Science's information about setting up Web servers, gateway pages, etc. at:



The sample template is available at: .


For the MathML fonts, the hyperlink to install the fonts is called "font installer" and is located in the right sidebar of the page.

Thank You