Sept. 2002

  • To better serve you as your DSPS DETAC representative I would like to
    start discussing issues that are occurring on your campuses around distance education. Here is a list to get us started:

  • Do you know which California Virtual Center your campus belongs to?

  • Do your curriculum committee handbooks include accessibility language
    (both for dis. ed and face to face instruction).

  • What are DSPS students telling you about their experience in distance
    education courses?

  • What pitfalls are you experiencing around faculty training on

  • What course management tools are your campuses using?

  • Yes, web accessibility but in what context, because your campus has not
    adopted a course management system for distance ed. courses?

  • With budget constraints upon us, what do you think will be the trend or
    future of distance ed. on your campus? What issues are you being pulled
    into as the accessibility person?