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The High Tech Center Training Unit routinely presents at conferences about the impact of assistive computer technology, alternate media, and web accessibility on enabling student success in the academic environment. Many of the presentations focus on how to use current software applications and hardware technologies to improve the accessibility of computers and other digital materials.

Some of the following presentations may require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or the free Flash Player.

Presentations with the [S5] text designate presentations using the S5 presentation tool and appear similar to a PowerPoint presentation. If using assistive computer technology, disable the presentation mode by pressing the "T" key.


Accessing Higher Ground Conference - 2008


Accessing Higher Ground Conference - 2007


Accessing Higher Ground Conference - 2006


Accessing Higher Ground Conference - 2003


AHEAD Conference - 2009


AHEAD Conference - 2008


AHEAD Conference - 2007


CAPED Conference - 2011

CAPED Conference - 2008


CAPED Conference - 2006


CAPED 2003 Conference


CCC Student Services Annual Conference - 2008


CISOA 2013 Conference

CSUN Conference - 2011


CSUN Conference - 2005


Mt. SAC Training 8-21-2009


Online Teaching Conference - 2007


RoundTable Presentation - Creating Accessible PDF Documents


RoundTable Presentation - PowerPoint Accessibility Wizard


RoundTable Presentation - Top 10 List for Web Accessibility


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