#9: A picture is worth how many words?

Question: Do I have to remove all my images to make my website accessible?

How do I make images accessible?

Images need to have an alternative text description (aka. Alt-Tag) for the content to be accessible. An "Alt-Tag" is a text description of the image and contains any text within the image.

High Tech Center Training Unit Logo - Wheelchair symbol within computer screen.

What are the details?

Alt-tags should be brief, yet descriptive. Generally speaking, 2-3 sentences describing the image and/or content should be sufficient.

If the image is very complex, explain the image in greater detail within the web page itself (HINT: put the extra information either preceding or immediately following the image itself). This allows all users to view the extended description of the image.

You can also use the Long Description tag, but this information will only be available to screen-reader technology.

For images that are "eye-candy" (i.e., purely decorative), set an empty alternative text value. If there is no alt-tag for an image, then some ACT will attempt to read the name of the image (e.g., some_image.jpg).

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