#8: Look Ma...no mouse!

Most users tend to use the mouse to navigate web pages. Not suprisingly, developers create content that responds to mouse-driven events. In other words, when you move the mouse over a specific web page region, some other image or content is displayed.

How do I check?

Keyboard navigation is an important component to accessing web page content. Using the "Tab" key, a user should be able to get to all the hyperlinks or other interactive elements on a web page.

If content is activated with the mouse, it is necessary to duplicate the revealed information on another web page that can be accessed (without using the mouse to get there). - Example website

Forms should provide navigation in a clear, sequential manner.

If using Flash content, make sure that a user can "tab" in to the Flash movie and out of Flash movie. This can be accomplished using the latest version of Flash (Flash Player 7).


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