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Internet Explorer Keystrokes

JAWS for Windows is optimized for the Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0 web browser application. While it is possible to use other web browsers, many of the keystrokes and hotkey commands that can be utilized with Internet Explorer are not available with other web browsers.

The following information provides some basic web navigation elements and the necessary keystrokes.

Basic Keystrokes

Result Keystroke
Moves cursor to address bar and reads content Ins + a
Moves cursor to address bar and highlights content Alt + d
Go to Next Page Alt + Right Arrow
Go to Previous Page Alt + Left Arrow
Opens dialog box to specify the web page you wish to visit Crtl + o
Opens the "History" of visited pages Ctrl + h
Opens the "Favorites" folder Ctrl + i
Adds the current page to your "Favorites" folder Ctrl + d
Opens the "Search" function Ctrl + e

Sample Web Pages

The following pages can provide you with the opportunity to try these navigation commands and use JAWS to experience the web.

Easy Web Pages

Intermediate Web Pages

Advanced Web Pages