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Navigating Forms

Forms on a web page can be difficult to navigate if they have not been designed correctly. Additionally, forms can be difficult when using a screen-reader as it is not easy to understand what information is being requested in the form field.

When using JAWS to complete an on-line form, it is necessary to first enter the "Forms Mode". The Forms Mode allows the user to enter text into the form field using the keyboard. If the Forms Mode is not turned on before attempting to enter content, the form field will not receive the correct keyboard letters.

Form Commands

Result Keystroke
Moves focus to first form field found on web page. Ctrl + Ins + Home
Enter Forms Mode Enter
Move to Next Form Field Tab
Move to Previous Form Field Shift + Tab
Exit Forms Mode Num Pad Plus

Sample Form

This sample form is designed to provide you with an example of an on-line form.



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