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Reading Frames

Frames are used to display multiple web pages simultaneously by splitting the browser window into different panes for each page. The frames can be arranged in any number of patterns to better present information.

Listing Frames

To list the current frames of a web page, press INSERT + F9. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to move through the list, or you can use the first letter of the frame name to go directly to that frame. When you have found the frame you want to read, press ENTER to route the cursor to that frame. To close the list, press ESC.

Moving Between Frames

To move to the next frame, press M. You can move backwards to the previous frame by pressing SHIFT + M.

Inline Frames

Inline frames are embedded directly into the web page for displaying content from other pages, frequently advertisements. If you want to ignore inline frames, you can set this option within the JAWS Options dialog by pressing INSERT + V and finding the "Inline Frames" option.