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Tutorial Introduction

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Reading Letters & Words

Commands for Letters

Using a screen-reader to read words is fairly easy and can be accomplished by focusing on the relationship of the numberpad keys and the movement of the virtual cursor. The table below identifies the numberpad key and the direction the virtual cursor moves with respect to the screen content.

Result Keystroke
Read current character Num Pad 5
Read next character Right arrow
Read previous character Left arrow

Commands for Words

Reading words is similar to reading characters and letters. The only difference is that you hold the Insert key down while pressing the specific numberpad key. This will allow you to read the word.

Result Keystroke
Read Current Word Ins + Num Pad 5
Read Next Word Ins + Right arrow
Read Previous Word Ins + Left arrow
Spell Current Word Ins + Num Pad 5 (twice quickly)

Sample Passage

In the dream time, many ages ago, the cluster of stars which we now know as the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, were seven beautiful ice maidens. Their parents were a great rugged mountain whose dark head was hidden in the clouds, and an ice-cold stream that flowed from the snow-clad hills. The Seven Sisters wandered across the land, with their long hair flying behind them like storm clouds before the breeze. Their cheeks were flushed with the kiss of the sun, and in their eyes was hidden the soft, gray light of the dawn. So entrancing was their beauty, that all men loved them, but the maidens' affections were as cold as the stream which gave them birth, and they never turned aside in their wanderings to gladden the hearts of men.