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Reading Links

Links are the part of a web page that allow you to move to other web pages and to move to other content on the current page. By default, JAWS will move from link to link when you press the TAB key. If you want to move backwards from link to link, press SHiFT + TAB.

Moving to Links

Result Keystroke
Move from link to link TAB
Move backwards from link to link SHIFT + TAB
Navigate to visited link V
Move backwards through visited links SHIFT + V
Navigate to unvisited links U
Move backwards through unvisited links SHIFT + U

To follow a link, press ENTER. To open the link in a new window, press SHIFT + ENTER.

Skipping Links

Sometimes you may encounter a list of links that you aren't interested in. In these cases you can automatically advance to the next section of content following the list of links by pressing N. If you want to move to the text immediately before a series of links, press SHIFT + N.

Links List Dialog

You can open a list of all the links on any given page by pressing INSERT + F7. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW keys to navigate within the list, and press ENTER to select any of the links.