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Reformatting Web Pages

When using a screenreader such as JAWS 10, it is possible to reformat a complex web page to linearize and simplify the presentation of the content. The resulting page contains the same content, but it is rearranged to provide a format that is more conducive to screen reader presentation. All of this happens with the virtual cursor automatically engaged, utilizing the virtual buffer.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to use the actual screen layout of a page, however. Since JAWS 7, users have ahd the option of selecting either the default simple page layout mode or the new Screen Layout mode.

Below are the directions to switch to the Screen Layout mode using JAWS 10.

Directions to Switch into Screen Layout Mode

  1. Open the JAWS verbosity dialogue by pressing INSERT + V.
  2. Press the DOWN ARROW key until you reach "Document Presentation".
  3. Press the SPACEBAR to change this option to "Screen Layout".
  4. Press ENTER to make your choice and close the dialogue.

Skim Reading Web Pages

Pressing SHIFT + CTRL + INSERT + DOWN ARROW will show the JAWS Skim Reading Tool configuration dialogue. Alternatively, you can open the dialogue through the JAWS Managers interface (Press INSERT + F2) by selecting "Skim Reading Tool" from the list. By default this tool will read the first sentence of each paragraph. However, you can also customize the behaviour of the Skim Reading tool to make it more effective in locating keywords and certain style attributes.

One useful feature of the JAWS Skim Reading Tool is the ability to create a summary of a web page. From within the JAWS Skim Reading Tool configuration dialogue, you can create a summary by selecting the button "Create Summary". To review the last summary created, press Windows Key + INSERT + Down Arrow.

To start the JAWS Skim Reading function, press CTRL + INSERT + DOWN ARROW.


Sample Web Pages

The following pages can provide you with the opportunity to try these commands and use JAWS to experience the web.

Easy Web Pages

High Tech Center Training Unit Homepage

Google Homepage

World Wide Web Consortium Homepage

Intermediate Web Pages


WebAIM Organization

Advanced Web Pages

CNN Homepage

Wall Street Journal Homepage