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Reimbursement Information

The High Tech Center Training Unit (HTCTU) will reimburse eligible participants for expenses while traveling to and from our center. The HTCTU does not provide travel reimbursement for vendor trainings or trainings conducted at offsite college campuses unless noted. Reimbursement is not available when attending the same training more than once within the same fiscal year. Participants must be confirmed for training before making travel arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your training reservation, please do so no later than 72 hours before the training date. This will allow the HTCTU staff sufficient time to produce the appropriate number of training materials. If you are registered for a training at the HTCTU and do not cancel your training reservation within 72 hours of the training date or are a “no-show", $50 will be deducted from the next travel reimbursement you submit. Application of the $50 deduction will only be in those situations where 72 hour notice was not provided or the training participant was a "no-show". There will, of course, always be circumstances beyond your control which might have legitimately prohibited you from attending a training for which you were registered. We will always consider those occasions on a case-by-case basis.


The following criteria will be used when determining eligibility for travel and/or hotel reimbursement:

  1. DSP&S full and part-time employees of the California community colleges are eligible for reimbursement.
  2. Faculty and staff of the California community colleges who are not full or part-time employees of DSP&S are not eligible for reimbursement UNLESS they are sponsored by the DSP&S Director from their campus. One DSPS member and one Non-DSP&S member per campus per training will receive reimbursement.
  3. If two or more faculty/staff from the DSP&S program at the same California community college attend the same training, only one member will receive reimbursement. Alternately, reimbursement may be divided between the two or more individuals from the college.
  4. DSP&S faculty and staff attending single day trainings at the HTCTU are eligible for travel reimbursement only unless otherwise noted by the program Director.
  5. DSP&S faculty and staff attending multiple single day trainings or trainings two or more days in length are eligible for both travel and hotel reimbursement.

* Any special circumstances which might warrant exemptions to these guidelines MUST be discussed with HTCTU staff prior to attending the training in question.


  1. Reimbursement Form:

Requests for reimbursement of travel expenses must be submitted on the appropriate reimbursement form within 30 days from the training date. Each expense must be separately identified with expense amount.

  1. Original Receipts:

It is a requirement that original receipts be provided when submitting a travel reimbursement. The reimbursement form must be filled out and original receipts attached in order to be reimbursed.

  1. Submitting Documents:

Participants can submit reimbursement documents to Please be advised that we may ask for original receipts for certain expenses. Your reimbursement claim will take 3-4 weeks to process for a check disbursement.

Reimbursable Expenses

Participants are expected to travel coach class and are encouraged to search for the lowest available fare. The fees for cancelling and/or rebooking of flights are reimbursable when the HTCTU cancels training for which you are confirmed. A receipt for the cancelling and/or rebooking fee must be provided for reimbursement. Airfare confirmations received by e-mail can be printed out and submitted as a receipt. The print out must show the entire itinerary and payment transaction.
Car Rental
Participants are expected to make reservations for an economy or compact vehicle and are encouraged to search for the lowest available rate. It is recommended you elect insurance and collision coverage. Credit card slips do not represent adequate supporting documentation and will need to be submitted with car rental reservation receipt.

Participants who utilize personal vehicles for travel to and from our center are required to have a valid driver’s license and at least the minimum insurance coverage required by law. Reimbursement requests should indicate the points of travel, such as departure address and arrival address. Miles traveled during the lunch break of our trainings will not be reimbursed. However, in-between mileage will be reimbursed for destinations that include airport and hotel. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current year allowable IRS rate. Effective January 1, 2016 IRS Mileage Rate Increases to 54 cents per mile.     

Participants are encouraged to search for local hotels that provide comfort, reasonable accommodations, and are at an affordable rate. Special hotel rates are posted on the HTCTU website for full reimbursement. Participants wishing to stay at hotels charging more than $200 per night will need prior written approval from the HTCTU Director. For all lodging expenditures, receipts must be submitted. Credit card slips do not represent adequate supporting documentation and will need to be submitted with hotel reservation receipt. 

Participants attending two days of training will be reimbursed for one night's lodging. Participants attending three days of training will be reimbursed for two nights lodging.

Taxi Fare
Taxi fare charges are often paid by cash and receipts may not be furnished. Drivers may hand you a fare card with the written fare charge. Reimbursement is for fare only, No tips. Reimbursement requests should indicate the departure address and arrival address. While traveling by taxi, fares will be reimbursed from the San Jose International Airport, local hotel, and HTCTU.     

Public Transportation
Participants that use public transportation can use the following connections to our center. Receipts are not furnished for passes such as a clipper card. Please indicate the travel date and amount of fare in the notes field of the reimbursement form. 


Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Tolls and Parking
Participants are eligible to receive reimbursement for bridge tolls and airport parking. Reimbursement will not be provided for parking violations and bridge toll violations. Please make sure you have cash available prior to traveling. For information on the toll schedule, please visit http://bata.mtc.ca.gov/tolls/schedule.htm.

Policy Exceptions
Any exceptions to these policies must have the prior written approval of the program Director. Requests for exceptions should document extenuating circumstances and/or the accommodations that are needed.